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Outdoor Portrait Session

Have an outdoor portrait session at Barbara Leidy Photography in her spectacular outdoor garden studio, located in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

We photograph families, children and pets in our outdoor garden studio 8 months of the year.  The best light is found early in the morning, and an hour before sunset, which is called the “golden hour”.  We have areas in our garden that can be used at other times of the day too.

Because our studio has gardens, each week a different area is in bloom.  My favorite times of the year for color and blooms are at the end of June, then again in the fall.

The ideal time of day to have your outdoor portrait session:

I do not like to photograph my subjects in direct sunlight.  First, direct sunlight can be hot, causing everyone to feel uncomfortable.  Secondly, everyone will squint when looking directly into the sun.  The  “golden” hour before sunset is the most ideal time of day for photography.  When I photograph at other times of the day, I will either put my subjects with their backs to the sun, highlighting them from behind, or in open shade, where it is much cooler and the light is more even.

Adding your dog to the session:

When adding a dog to the session, everything changes.  The dog and their comfort level is very important.  Ideally we want the dog looking at the camera, with it’s mouth closed, and ears perked up.  It’s not easy to get all three.  On top of that we need to have everyone else paying attention with their best expression.  Sound hard, yes it can be, but fortunately this photographer is able to do some magic with the swapping of heads from one photograph to another.  We are always able to put together a photograph of your liking and enjoy having your furry family member come along.  A big water bowl is also provided for them to keep them comfortable.  A biscuit or two can be added as well.

We love having you come for an outdoor portrait session at Barbara Leidy Photography!


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