Pet Photography

An area of specialty at Barbara Leidy Photography is pet photography, which usually includes dogs or horses, and occasionally cats.  We also enjoy photographing you with your pet, which works well if your pet is nervous or easily distracted.  Various techniques are used to get your pet’s attention, because it only takes a brief second to get that special shot.  When photographing your dog, we always provide a big dish of water to make them happy and cool.  Treats help to keep their attention.  We photograph them either in the early morning or evening when it is cooler.  We don’t like them to pant too much and would rather they smile for the camera.  Almost all of our pet photography is done in our outdoor garden studio unless we go on location to photograph your pet in their own environment, because they are more comfortable.

Below in our gallery is a watercolor of a gray dog and brush strokes added to the portrait of two dogs together.  Double click on each image to see the effects.  We can add these touches to your favorite animal portrait.

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We’ve seen just about everything when it comes to animals and still love photographing them!

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