Outdoor Garden Studio

At Barbara Leidy Photography we photograph families, children, babies and pets in our outdoor garden studio.   For 9 months of the year our garden studio is available.  Barbara designs and maintains the gardens which she specifically creates for photography.  At different times of the day and specific times of the growing season Barbara will photograph in particular areas where the light is best.  Early morning and late afternoon into the evening are the best times.  About 1 hour before sunset is called the “golden hour” where the light is a warm color and direct light can be soft, unlike other times of the day.  It is light at it’s most perfect!

We realize that not everyone can schedule a session at the “golden hour” of light at it’s best in our outdoor garden studio, so we do have other areas in the garden where we can take photos almost at any time of day.  We like to work around the schedules of small children because we want them to be at their best for their photography session and not interfere with nap or feeding times.  The weather must also cooperate.  The conditions that make photography difficult are strong wind and of course, rain.  We do reschedule sessions when necessary.  Cloudy days are fine unless the cloud cover is so thick that it flattens the light and puts the eyes in too much shadow.  A flash can sometimes be used to “fill in” the light, but too much flash in outdoor photography defeats the purpose of the soft outdoor light.

So many elements to consider for an outdoor portrait, but the results are well worth it!

Please see our recommendations for your portrait session preparation:  https://barbaraleidyphotography.com/portrait-session-preparation-barbara-leidy-photography/

 To schedule a session please contact us at: leidyphoto@comcast.net