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Portrait Session Preparation

Portrait session preparation is essential by wearing the right clothing and coordinating everyone’s outfits so that a lasting and timeless professional portrait can be created.  Dressing with a classic style helps create portraits that don’t go out of style.  When looking at your finished photograph, our eye should go to the faces of our subjects, not clothing or jewelry.

In order to create a classic style, clothing in solid colors, or very light patterns is recommended.  Avoid large or bold patterns and bright colors, which creates distraction.  Also avoid large pieces of jewelry, or any jewelry that creates shine or reflection.

When multiple people are in the photograph, choose clothing within the same tonal ranges. Light and dark tones together create visual confusion, as one subject comes forward and the other recedes.

Long sleeve dresses or blouses and shirts are recommended.  In very hot weather short sleeves are fine.  The idea is to make faces the most prominent in the photograph.

In outdoor photography, I prefer to photograph people in light colored clothing such as white, tan, pink, or light blue. In the late fall earth tones like brown, black, green are all good.  The background colors of the season should coordinate with the colors of the clothing.

Coordinate your attire from head to toe, as full- length poses may be done.  On windy days for outdoor photos, make sure you have plenty of hairspray, and bug spray too.

Make sure your outfits complement each other, all light or all dark, all casual or all in formal attire.

Please see some examples below of how proper clothing accents a successful portrait.



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